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About Us

Abad Alcantara and Associates is a Philippine based legal trade firm committed to promoting and enforcing competition, encouraging integration and inclusion, and catalysing innovation. Led by founding partners Anthony Amunategui Abad and Kristine C. Francisco - Alcantara, the Firm is one of the country’s leading practitioners at the intersection of law and information and communications technology, with a strong focus on startups and startup law, and digital rights and privacy.


Key Affiliations

  • Integrated Bar of the Philippines and World Jurist Association
  • Harvard University and Ateneo de Manila Alumni Association
  • Philippine Chamber of Commerce
  • British Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines
  • European Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines
  • Philippine Economic Society
  • Management Association of the Philippines
  • Philippine Exporters Confederation
  • Philippine Chamber of Industrial Estates and Economic Zones


  • Doing Business in the Philippines Under the Philippine Competition Act​
  • Compendium on the Philippine Competition Law & Policy


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A well-oiled economy and a distributionally fair society need not be mutually exclusive. High economic efficiency can inclusively increase the total economic welfare of society through various forms of gains. In its practice, Trade Lawyers maneuveres a sophisticated interfacing of both, espousing the necessary skill in complexity to support firms reach their highest competitive potentials. 

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With the ongoing process of capital accumulation comes new unarticulated problems in society --- and as a result, unarticulated demands for products and services that break through old models. Answering these demands is innovation through technology, social media, intellectual property rights, and even new business models. Trade Lawyers not only provides the legal backbone that enables this model-breaking, but also interfaces its services with existent policy and institutions, creating cumulative added value.

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To flourish, state and non-state entities integrate – in micro scales, as in with fellow businesses or facets of the supply chain, or in macro scales, as in an entire regional system, or just the free market economy as a whole. It is this precise state of flourishing that Trade Lawyers enables to materialise with its emphasis on the intersection of law, policy, and institutions in integrating clientele to their economic systems. 

Practice Areas


Competition Law complements the good institutional designs propounded by Competition policy. It penalises anti-competitive behaviour and intends to deter similar practices in the future. Trade Lawyers represents clients in facing matters related to Competition. 


Startups being businesses in their nascent stages means that they require significant technics-legal aid in surviving in a competitive free market economy. Trade Lawyers enables startups to protect their investments, intellectual property rights, and rights to access the financial and economic markets.


At present, various issues on intellectual property afflict both long-running and startup companies, especially concerning telecommunications, media and technology. Some of these issues include intellectual property disputes and violations of the competition law. The firm works closely with today’s companies in implementing patents, trademarks, and other IP rights, which in turn lessens the vulnerability of start-ups.